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VXR™ adopts cutting-edge automation with
'Sapphire' Technology for total inspection, incorporated into just 1.9m

• Identifies and rejects errors, enabling operator-free
end of line automation
• Automatically detects faulty labels: printing errors
and poor quality print
• Analyses label position, quantity and orientation
• Checks all printed information: bar codes, use-by
dates and traceability codes
• High speed checking via user-friendly interface
• Factory proven rugged hardware and software.
• Heightened sensitivity for detecting dense mass / contaminants
• Identifies foreign bodies such as glass, metal and ceramics
• Senses all types of bones
• Removable reject bin
• High speed checking via an easy-to-use interface
• Detects holes in the seal which could result in leaking of fluids
• Checks foods that have slipped, resulting in contamination of the seal
• Identifies contaminants through printed film and coloured trays
• Locates the correct position of the product in the tray
• Number of products in a tray i.e. meatballs / burgers
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